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205 E 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017

Ultra Low Latency

Electronic financial trading environments are becoming increasingly complex and in such an environment, electronic trading systems and high performance algorithmic systems are only as good as the infrastructure upon which they run. In the financial vertical, time is money and both latency (measured at very low nanosecond speeds) and the guarantee of deterministic latency characteristics is critical to the success of Hedge Funds, Multi Asset Trading Environments, and Quantitative algorithmic environments for both the financial community and the scientific research community. To that end Hitorra Technologies has the expertise to design, configure, and support complex ULL solutions from the standard ULL trading environment to complex derivative environments where building technology solutions is akin to building an airplane in mid-flight.

Services Highlights

  • Proximity Data Center and Co-Location Design and Planning
  • FiX Message Analysis
  • Tick Database Design and Architecture
  • High Performance Computing Environments
  • Application Dependency Mapping
  • ULL Instrumentation and Reporting Strategies
  • Market Data Design and Optimization
  • Algorithmic Trading and Computing Design and Optimization
  • Derivatives / Structured and Fixed Cross Currency Swaps / Pairs / CDS Infrastructure Planning and Optimization
  • Custom Wealth Management and Financial Trading Security Solutions
  • Optimized Order Management Systems Design and Implementation
  • Optimized Trade Plant Design and Implementation
  • ULLDMA / FPGA Advanced HFT Architecture Design and Implementation
  • BATS / Direct Edge Integration, Design, and Architecture
  • Middleware Design and Implementation
  • Support for regulatory compliance e.g., PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA


  • Market Data: BBMD, RMDS, DJ, QuantHouse, etc.
  • Trading Infrastructure: Wombat, Raptor, eSignal, Trade Station, Valdi, GMA, L2, others.
  • ULL-Infrastructure: Arista, Mellanox, Palo Alto, Fusion Storm, Fusion IO, Solar Flare, FPGA, RDMA, A-10, Voltaire, Mercury-Z, 29West, Appro, Avere, Greenplum, panasas, Solace, Tervela, Tibco, others.

Value Proposition

  • Architectural leadership in the Data Center and Cloud technologies
  • Hitorra Technologies’s best practices for deployment of Cloud and Data center products
  • Alliance with key product vendors
  • Early engagement in Solution Development with product vendors

Customer Benefits

  • Hitorra Technologies delivers ULL solutions within strict project budgets while meeting business goals
  • No need to hire and retain skilled in-house ULL experts
  • ULL subject matter experts available at an affordable cost as an extension to customer’s in-house technology team
  • No additional cost for keeping abreast with evolving ULL technologies
  • Risk mitigation during design and implementation
  • Around the clock pro-active expert level support