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205 E 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017

Datacenter and Cloud

Cloud deployments require more than an IT strategic plan to effectively develop a robust cloud and datacenter infrastructure solution given the complexity and range of products available in the market today. Also, hiring, training and retaining talented cloud and datacenter experts are industry wide challenges..

Infrastructure Security

When infrastructure solutions age, often they end up performing in a less than optimal way. The same is true for security appliances: as they age, typically devices will get over/under configured and can lead to unexpected threats, vulnerability and performance issues. Additionally, changes to the organizations…

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Technology for the delivery of voice services has advanced and changed considerably over the last decade. No longer is voice a simple solution that is delivered statically. Instead, voice solutions are delivered across multiple applications supporting multiple technologies….

Mobility & DAS

To some, “wireless” equates to Wi-Fi enabled laptops, but it’s much more than that – the world today relies on mobile and smart phones, iPhones, BlackBerry devices, PDAs, and two-way radios to communicate. Your employees, customers, clients, students, patients or guests need ALL these wireless tools to work – especially indoors!…

Ultra Low Latency

In the financial vertical, time is money and both latency (measured at very low nanosecond speeds) and the guarantee of deterministic latency characteristics is critical to the success of Hedge Funds, Multi Asset Trading Environments, and Quantitative algorithmic environments for both the financial community and the scientific research community….

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