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Collaboration as a Service (CaaS)

Enterprise customers increasingly depend on a mixture of voice, video, messaging, customer care, web conferencing, and telepresence services to collaborate internally and keep in touch with their customer bases. Collaboration as a Service (CaaS), a cloud-based offer providing all of the best-in-class collaboration technologies through an as-a-service model.

Use cases:

Customer with operational needs

⊗ This customer needs a reduction in capital
expenditures along with a shift to an
operational model.

⊗ This customer only wants to pay for services
actually being used, rather than deploying
devices and services that are used only by a
fraction of its employees or customers.

⊗ This customer wants to make sure that the
services are always up and running without
having to defocus the internal IT staff.

Collaboration as a Service is for the customer that wants to eliminate CapEx by moving to a monthly
per-user consumption model.